Saturday, February 4, 2012

Totes '78



Earl C. Banner was first,
penciled lightly, May 10, 1937.
Ed Trewline worked here in '58,
Rich Brodman or Brosman 9-23-82 wanted us to know,
and in 1940 CK & BH marked the date;
so did G.D. Cool and sucks unintelligible in 1972;
and Totes was here in '78,
neither first nor last,
perhaps he was meanest,
He carved his name deepest
in the attic of Anaconda
where pigeons roost and coo.


Ginnie said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Ted. It seems like I've been telling you that a lot lately! :)

Ted Roth said...

Congrats are always appreciated. Thanks.

Tim Rice said...

My congrats,too. And there's something about this photo that's heart-pulling. And I like the view from the window.

Trotter said...

The view from that window is awesome!

Ted Roth said...

Thanks Trotter and Tim for visiting. The Church is St. Anne's. It was built by the French Canadian immigrants that worked in the brass mills. If you drive across 84 you'll see it as you cross the valley at Waterbury.