Saturday, April 20, 2019


Points of View

"This exhibition showcases photographs from members of the Washington Art Association in a group exhibit of 63 images. The title Points of View also applies to the curating of the work. Chris Zaima and Hugh O’Donnell have selected this work and it reflects their “point of view” of 17 individual artists that share the commonality of living and working in the context of this area of Connecticut.”

April 27 - June 8, 2019
Washington Art Association, Washington, CT
Please join us at the opening reception on April 27, 4-6 PM
(Two of these photographs are included in the exhibit.)

PHOTOGRAPHER’S JOURNAL: For as long as I’ve driven the dirt road over Rabbit Hill there have been cows there, and it seemed like the old house and brittle barns must date to the Revolution, but it wasn’t until the fall of 2017, when the dirt road was paved right through the old farmyard, that I tried to photograph inside the barns and  milking parlor. Luke and Trudy Tanner welcomed me.  By then they had been raising and milking cows there for a half century. 

The milking parlor is small and dark, and I quickly learned that there were only a few weeks throughout the year when the sun was in the right place at the 5 PM milking to make good pictures with availablel light. Even then, I shot only until the parlor was full and cows blocked the window light. After the season ended, I was eager to return last fall when milking was again in sync with the Sun. And so it was sad news when Luke told me that the herd would be sold that week.