Monday, August 12, 2013

Red Tin Roof

PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNAL: Today I drove deep into New York's Columbia County in search of photo adventures. On the way home I found myself passing through Copake and so drove route 22 through the valley of all the recent blog posts; I passed each of the farms, but today's photo is new. 

The barn with the red tin roof has caught my eye for years. It is just south of Copake, before the other barns. I've even stopped to photograph it, more than once, I think, but never with seriousness.  There is a pull-off just beyond the trees where people stop to take in the view. I always stopped there, even though from there the barn is face on; one needs the angle to catch the roof peaking.  Today I pulled off before reaching the pull-off, and I shot until everything came into alignment. 

I've seen it with cattle, a herd of black angus, when the sun was low before the valley's shadow crept up, and I recall that there was magic in the way the black cows  caught the golden light. I was in my car and heading south and the sun was falling.  I'll look for alignments here again some time, but I'll leave this on the blog as a marker and a defense against the chance of subdivision.