Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cubist Composition

PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNAL -  a curious note in an unknown hand found crumpled and abandoned in a brown, office waste can:  "I've been watching the small application inside my computer that monitors the functions of the computer's brain: the thought load carried by the central processing unit; the amount of shelf space left for remembering important people, places, sums, balances, dates; the number of in-out bins for facts and faces that can be quickly forgot. There's a special spot that monitors the all-important subconscious of the hard drives and activity along the neural passageways that connect to the outside world and sometimes produce tangible artifacts there. 

"The constant functioning of this application reminds me that, along with the megatons of physical waste we produce every moment, that thought itself produces a torrential overflow of data: ekg's, orders on Amazon, GPS positions, eye scans, electricity flow, blog entries, Google searches and the status of nuclear silos poised for earth's annihilation; waste which we call "history," and which clerks, librarians and statisticians constantly cull and cross cull, struggling to rescue it from nature and oblivion."