Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Old Mill No.5 (conclusion): Engineering

PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNAL:  "A Day at the Mill, Concluded":  There were delicate calipers  and crow bars that were even heavier than they looked and a pair of glasses and an aging bottle of Alka Seltzer. I shot a number of pictures before I discovered a door at the far end of the room.  I opened the door and descended 4 or 5 steps to a passage that went on like a long, dark tunnel. Dim, dust-covered window lined one side of the tunnel and let in a bit of grey glow. It took some moments before I realized I was looking back down the same parts rabbit hole I had previously entered and photographed from the other end. 

I visited a few other places at the old mill that day, but when I returned to the trailer in the first shed, my friend let me know I had to leave. Perhaps he had no more stories to tell me. I tried several times to get back again, but it was clear the funhouse was closed for the foreseeable future and time to move along the track.