Saturday, April 18, 2009

Surface Tension

PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNAL: Even in a small pool the very slightest whisp of air will set the surface of the water moving long before faint ripples appear. The specks on the water are tiny, drifting barges that give away the motion of the pool. In a fifth second exposure (as above), unless the surface is absolutely still, one sees their trajectory rather than their form. I waited a long time before the pond stopped rocking and the spring flotsam came momentarily to rest.

I've been visiting Emerald Pool almost daily for the past week. Unlike the earlier photos, this one was taken in mid-afternoon so the lily is back lit. At first glance the transparency of the lily pad may make it appear otherwise, but the photo's focus is the backlight that reflects off the rim of the leaf, off several bits of floating matter, and off the bead of water that usually forms where the leaf fold bends the pond broth.

Migrating birds follow the stars. Tuberous lilies, deep in the mud, seek the sun. Where does body end and mind begin? How infinite the forms of spirit!