Monday, August 25, 2008

Bog Hollow Fog #2

PHOTOGRAPHER'S DIARY - The fog silence of Bog Hollow, isn't really quiet. A fluttering of wings brings another dove to the silo dome. A bit later, from a nearby tree another takes off into the fog. Somewhere in the distance the sound of a tractor - - - echoing in the hills it sounds as if under water, an unearhtly whooshing. As the echo decays the soft chittering of the swallows returns, an effervescent froth, hovering in the leaves, it fills the damp farmyard. The tractor returns, the sequence repeated, again and again at roughly five minute intervals. Occasionally the fog thins for a moment, everything glows a bit brighter, and the chittering increases and quickly subsides.

I'm alone in the fog and trying my best to make images of this.