Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Continuing Story of "M"

The rumor is that several of you, you know who you are, said that "M" was really a W - some nonsense about a duty to roll upright for Wassaic or move to Millerton. "M" had always believed that M-ness was inborn. "M" could no more flip over and become a W than turn sideways and become a clumsy E. As to the notion of moving to Millerton, "M" had always lived on this facade in Wassaic. Wassaic was "M's" home.

I was in Wassaic all of Sunday morning from before 8 AM until after 1 PM and "M" was terribly depressed. However, as you see below, "M's" mood was worse on Monday when I returned.

I'm sometimes asked if that was how a paticular image looked or, "Have you Photoshopped it?" The implication is often that I've been cheating; ...that the camera is an objective tool that records exactly what existed, and the photographer's sacred duty is to convey truth unmolested, yea, unblemished to the viewer. If you use a camera with any attention to the results you know that, for all kinds of reasons, cameras see very differently than we do, and that the photographer relinquishes her objectivity the instant he choses a spot to stand and shoot from. As to lenses, Alice got lost in such a looking glass. Photographic objectivity? Hooey! Your not a photographer unless you make choices.

I stayed in Wassaic all day on Monday. There was great concern about "M's" safety.