Sunday, August 8, 2010

Falls Village Farmstead

ANNOUNCEMENT: My new book, Farm: Personal Wanderings among the Berkshire, Hudson, and Taconic Hills is now available at the Blurb Bookstore. The book is available in 3 formats. You can thumb through pages by clicking on either of these links to the Blurb Bookstore.

I wish they could be sold for less, but all three contain the same 120 pages of pictures and writing. For those wishing a signed copy, you can send a check for the cost plus $5 to cover additional postage, and I will order it and send it on.

It has been a major effort to pull together the work and thoughts of 5 years of wandering. I designed and edited it in conjunction with this summer's two exhibitions of my farm photographs. I'm pleased with the result and hope that readers will find a meaningful experience in following pictures and text through the journey.

The Sharon Historical Society exhibition continues through September 17th.

PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNAL: What do I love about farmsteads? Part of it is the play of shapes: Tall haybarns and vertical silos like the turrets of castles; bankbarns tucked to the hillside; corn cribs with slats or wire mesh; stone fences and wood fences, door yards and barn yards and backhouses and outhouses; and further out rows of corn seedlings or soy that plot the swells and dips of hills; and fat Holsteins peppering the pasture when the sun is low in the sky. As the photographer moves, the farmscape dances. In its do-si-do are dynamic moments, moments of balance, edges, corners to be found and a thousand collisions to be avoided or harvested.