Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Queens Quest #3

I'll ignore associations evoked by the image below. Photographically, concentration is everything; time pressures often cause loss of mental focus. Also, it's not always easy to fully evaluate a highly detailed image when viewing through the tiny view finder. When I shot this I was cold and had wandered far from my shooting companion. Had my concentration been all I would like, the sphere on the left would not have been clipped. In any case, for me, the pattern of those spheres is essential to the effect of this image. I look forward to trying again on a future visit.

Queens Quest #2

Yesterday, friend Richard Wanderman introduced me to Zion Cemetery in Queens, a remarkable place. We spent the day divided between Zion and Mt. Hebron Cemeteries and shots from Mt. Hebron will follow in the future. However, had I known how much I would like the juxtaposition of the shot below, I would have tried many more. The key to the success is the detail visible in the large structure which hugs Mt. Zion's edge. The slopes of the landscape offer many option, and I'm looking forward to opportunities to improve on first results. In the meantime, this was too surprising to hold back.