Ansonia Collection

Ansonia from Farrel Hill in Snow

Ansonia Skyline @1
(Ansonia Skyline series)

The Naugatuck at Ansonia — Farrel Foundry & Machine (near), A.C. and B. (upstream)
(Naugatuck River Series)

Casting Shop AC and B from the Bridge

Casting Shop in Snow

Casting Shop Reflections, A.C. and B., Ansonia

Casting Shop Filters

Stair, Church of the Assumption
(ecclesiastical places series)

View from the Stacks

Damir and Mike Prime the Furnace

Brass Valley: The Fall of an American Industry cover photo

Made in the USA


Mike Raking the Runner Box, A.C. and B, Ansonia, 2012
(Extensive series of workers at the furnaces and at other kinds of equipment)

Preparing to P[en the Furnace 

Removing the Distributer Cups

Removing a Freshly Cast Billet from the Mold

Scrap and Salvage at the Casting Shop

A.C. and B Casting — Then and Now

Offices, A.C. and B, Liberty St. Ansonia
 (streetscape series)

Ansonia Opera House

Ansonia Opera House Balcony
(Ansonia Opera House color series)

Ansonia Opera House — Brünnhilde, the Youngest Was Starstruck
(Ansonia Opera House, b/w series)

Salvage Alley - :Leonore Longed for a Vagabond Lover
(The Dressmaker's Daughters series)

Farrel Machine and Foundry from the Ansonia Opera House.

Naugatuck Railroad at Farrel Yard
(Factory-scape series)

Rail Corridor at Farrek
(B/W yard series)

(welders series & Farrel series)

Adjusting a Keyway on a Planner Mill
(Machines that Make Machines series)

Farrel Machine Shop

Break Time, Farrel, Ansonia

Eagle Fire Company

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