Thursday, February 22, 2007

Experiment in White & Gray

For the past few weeks I have been photographing icicles and ice. All the images that have pleased me most have also been flawed in some ways. On the way home from the post office today as the snow/sleat/rain began again with the promise of refreshing the landscape with new white, a fog rolled in. I reached the top of Rabbit Hill for this photo almost too late, but stood in the muck to take a dozen shots of this farm. I could barely see what I was photographing and backed my effort with a variety of exposures. I've never before tried shooting into such thick fog and the resulting image needed much work to adjust tones (and remove the marks left by dirt on the camera's image sensor (the plague of digital photography). For the moment, I'm pleased, but I wish I had moved a bit right to separate the truck more from the barns. I'm not sure what I'll think tomorrow, but the opportunity has already passed. Any tips or criticism will be much appreciated.