Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Carnicke Farm I - Reverie

Old snow is worse than no snow. Today the clouds moved out and the sky was deep blue, but everywhere I turned the melted remains of snow made shooting difficult. Even where the snow was white and not melted, the high contrast made photography difficult. I went trespassing on the Carnicke Farm. Jeannie can you tell me where this was shot? It's not heavily processed.

Carnicke Farm is for sale, and I was glad to see they had put a new coat of paint on the house. That suggests they may not tear it down. The project I've been working on for NERG has reached a milestone, so I had no guilt about being out all day. In spite of the snow I shot over 300 images and got home at 6:30, just before Jane got back from grandchild sitting.