Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Broken Mill Wheel, Peters Valley


Trundling Song

The wheel turns with the river.
It never turns back,
and one day it stops,
but the river keeps flowing,

Jane and I are back from trundling through Maine, but this photograph was taken earlier this year in Peters Valley. I'm not certain how the mill wheel worked, but the stream passing here is small as was the wheel. The millrace is actually made of pipe which branches from the stream much further upstream. The stream follows a narrow stone channel through the middle of the farm. Shops lie along the side.


Trotter said...

Hi Ted! Always, always, always...

Blogtrotter Two has arrived in Sardinia, a true hidden gem in Mediterranean waters! Enjoy the views and have a great week ahead!!

Trotter said...

Hi Ted! Even more absent than me... ;))
Everything OK?
Hope you have a great weekend!!

Ted Roth said...

All is well. I've been buried deep in another project. Sorry for the absence.