Thursday, May 20, 2010

Forgotten Secrets


Furious whispers
scratch and sibilate
their voiceless terrors.

One can almost hear them in rooms such as this.
My feeble ears lean to listen
even as my feet itch to leave.

What forgotten secrets
lie in the cubbies
where the silverware still spoons;

and there in the sink,
what mute shards of conversation
stain the dishes from the last supper?


Unseen Rajasthan said...

What a Great Shot !Simply amazing !!

Trotter said...

Hi Ted! Amazing! What's the message on the door?

Sorry for the absence, but my computer broke down and I’ll be waiting a month for it to be fixed… ;-( Anyhow, I left you a post on the suburbs of Ephesus for you to enjoy. Have a great week!!

Dick said...

A lot of secrets there, each object must have it's own story. Wonderful, like your previous posts.

Ted Roth said...

Unseen, Trotter, and Dick - Thank you for stopping by. Sorry, Trotter, I never crossed the room to read the full message. The floor was truly too disgusting for me to enter further. Yes, Dick, lots of secrets. I'm still wondering how long the food has been left.