Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pighouse in Snow, 2007

I never seem to get tired of shooting this tiny building which my daughter and I know as, "The Pighouse." If you were checking or receiving TODAY'S last May 15, you saw one of my earliest shots of it. Then, the first patina of green was appearing on the hillside. At that moment in the seasonal shift I could distinguish the lower forest from that farther up by a sudden shift in color and texture where the slope changed. That line part way up the hillside becomes a compositional element in the May photo. The line disappeared a few days later when all the leaves were fully open.

In contrast,, this December 14th photo is from the first snowfall of the season. For any photographers in the group, I've got my lens out to 400mm which in digital conversion is more like 600mm. That means I'm not quite snug, but sheltered in the doorway of one of the barns, and there's a good deal of snowfall between me and Pighouse. I did a bit of experimenting with shutter speed. Here at a tenth of a second the snow is silky; at a fiftieth of a second it looks more mealy. Jane always says, "Snow like meal, snow a gret deal." but neither of us know what that means. As I recall, there was a bit of wind. Overall it was a disappointing first show as nothing ever accumulated on the branches.

I'm looking forward to the next blizzard and have picked my perch. Unfortunately, there is no barn in which to take cover, and I need to work on strategies for dodging the inevitable snow flakes that take aim at my lens.

Have a good holiday and hope the new year brings new peace.


Dick said...

Hi Emery

You have a white Christmas, we have green.
Have a nice Christmas time

Middle Ditch said...

I have not see an white out like that for ages.

Thank you for you E-mail and apologies for this late reply.

It will not take long to explore my blog as each episode is only 4-6 minutes long. The serial is broadcast monthly on Cozy Fun Paris, a radio programme in France, and is soon available on Audio Books Internet Radio.

I work in a boarding School in one of its houses. My husband is a teacher in creative writing there.

A happy new year and see you then.

Emery Roth II said...

Dick - Thanks for visiting. The white is melting here, but there is very little green. I'm eagerly awaiting the next blizzard.

M.Ditch - I stopped by your site and listened to the first installment of your story. Terrific actors. I
ll go back and get more tomorrow.