Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rolling Straight at Sunrise #3

The little building with the funny chimney lies just below the barns and house of Straight Farmstead. I thought, "a pump house!" Of course the chimney's wrong, and why a window. Inside, a feeding trough instead of pipes and pumps. I've since been told it was for pigs, not that anyone I've met can remember pigs here, and only a small section of the barn's "L" is outfitted with animal stalls.

I've had a nasty time getting a print I like, and its probably not going to wow anyone. If the top or bottom of the image are clipped on your screen, the effect is totally lost, but for me this image more than any other I've taken at Straight Farm touches the essence of the place. I like the linty, minty, early morning, first-of-spring hills and how they cradle the pighouse. Most of all, I like the painterly light in pighouse and hills, and the simplicity of the geometries. Ah, spring!


Ginnie said...

I'm really loving these barns and open spaces, Ted. Very soulful!

Emery Roth II said...

One note I received on this suggested it looked as if the hills were swallowing the pighouse. In fact, "swallow," was the word I had initially chosen before replacing it with, "cradle." Thanks, Ginnie, for your comment.