Monday, October 1, 2007


My initial destination at 6 AM was too smothered in fog for driving, much less shooting images. I groped my way back through the murk to this ancient cemetery. It was awhile before I noticed the house. However, after shooting a half dozen images here, the house vanished. I was looking through my viewfinder, and all of a sudden it wasn't there.

It is October 1. The stores have declared it Halloween month. At WalMart they will charge you for good fog like this and a styro tomb stone to spread it over. Happy Halloween. I'm going back to the cemetery tomorrow, but I'm bringing my plastic rat.


Dick said...

Oh this is a very nice photo, I think you are the "fog photo" specialist. I have some old fog photos maybe I should publish one of them, but yours are much better.

Emery Roth II said...

Actually, I didn't quite realize so many of the recent photos have been in fog, but it's that season. We get good fog every morning at sunrise. Otherwise weather is either cloudy or spotlessly clear. Fortunately, I love all atmospherics and try to get out to shoot whenever the light is right. Look further down and you'll find shots taken in a blizzard. I'll include sunset and sunrise light as moody atmospherics. What I hate is bland grey or hazy blue.

Thanks for the comment.

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi Ted, Fog is fantastic (romantic) for photography, I made once a photo from a subject and the other day the same shot with a fog weather, the result was amazing!! The fog-photo came out almost romantic ( from a brigde of steel can you imagine?), so I try-out a lot.

I even bought yesterday my first Macro lens, thats intersting too, now I have the serie lenses completed (wide ,tele, portrait,) or I'll try in studio, outdoors, indoors and more) So you will see soon some photo's made by macro lens.

Bye JoAnn greetings