Saturday, September 29, 2007

Above the Bog before the Storm

You've seen this building in fog (Scroll down to "In Fog at Sunrise"). This shot, captured as a thunder storm rolled in, was taken the night before, but I published another photo from the storm set instead (just below "In Fog at Sunrise"). This one had to be set aside incomplete as much work was required to get it the way I wanted it, and I worried then as now that it was too dark. The resulting photoshop file completed tonight has 10 layers. Not all atmospherics are made for the camera.

I have a folder of such partially complete shots that I think are worth returning to. This one has repeatedly snagged my attention. I haven't seen it printed yet, but there is plenty of detail in the dark forest areas so I don't expect it will clot up.

At one point I also worried that two shots of this building from the same side might be redundant. I suppose they would be if what I cared about was the building.

I've begun calling this apparently nameless farm, "Above the Bog Farm" since it stands high at the New York end of Bog Hollow Road, a country highway that threads the narrow, bog-filled valley cross the mountain chain that edges these two states. However, the photo may have more to do with the vulnerability I felt as lightening began to crack nearby just behind that dark forest. Whoever propped that stick in the barn door must have known I was coming with a camera.


JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi Ted,
this could be the clouds of today here in Holland, but with this brown colour woodhouse, its almost 'a piece of art', but ehhh its eems that this 'shed?" is almost falling down!

:0) JoAnn

Ginnie said...

You definitely can feel the storm a-brewing, Ted!

Emery Roth II said...

Yes, JoAnn, falling down, but falling down artfully. Whoever put the pipe in the door was a real genius. Thanks Ginny and JoAnn for your comments. How do they get those photographs of lightening without getting struck?