Saturday, May 5, 2007

Composition with Diagonals #3

How convenient that someone stored an old plow with great wooden wheels right inside the barn where its silhouette could catch my lens! Perhaps it should trouble me that many of the elements of this composition are the same as in the previous posting, but in my home, I'll happily hang them side-by-side. Unfortunately, when we open our next Camera's Eye exhibition in late May, I will have to choose just one from these last three. Choosing is so hard. Perhaps someone will offer guidance.


Ginnie said...

OMG, Ted. How will you ever choose! For me, it's between #2 and #3, with a slight leaning towards #2, I think.

Emery Roth II said...

And the preferences between #1 and #2 have been evenly divided. I'm so confused. I may just have to make up my own mind without help.

I suspect I will come down on the side of one of the vertical compositions; they seem to be a bit more energized.