Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Dressmaker's Daughters - ANNOUNCEMENT


I’m proud and honored to learn that my set of six images entitled, “The Dressmaker’s Daughters,” photographed in the Ansonia Opera House in Ansonia, CT, has been selected for publication in Seeing in Sixes, a volume of art photography that will be available this fall from Lenswork Publishing. 

Seeing in Sixes is the idea of Brooks Jensen who created Lenswork Magazine to explore the potential of photography as an art form. Over many years of publication Lenswork has become for serious photographers what Aperture Magazine was to an earlier generation. 

Seeing in Sixes was born from Brooks Jensen’s belief that book format is an ideal way to present and enjoy art photography. “Sixes,” refers to six photographs set across three page spreads with whatever captions or bit of text might add to the fun. This format provides a container, as rigorous as haiku or perhaps sonnet form are to poetry. In it the photographer may place six images, no more or less, that make a coherent whole. I’m eager to see the other 49 “Sixes” in the finished book. The selection of photographers in the magazine is always eclectic and consistently excellent. I expect no less here. I'm proud to have been included in the first such effort and thankful to colleagues who looked at drafts of the finished submission.

“The Dressmaker’s Daughters,” tells the imagined life stories of four of the dressmaker’s 24 daughters... in six images. 

Those interested in learning about or subscribing to Lenswork Magazine or who are interested in purchasing a copy of Seeing in Sixes, here is a link to the Lenswork site:

NOTE: I will be giving my SLIDE-TALK on Brass Valley: The Fall of an American Industry on August 21at 10:30 AM at the Jewish Community Center in Sherman, CT.

PHOTOGRAPHER’S JOURNAL:  This is the second time this image has appeared in my blog. It is an image that always seemed to work better in monochrome than in color. Since five of the images in “The Dressmaker’s Daughters" were color, I needed to find a satisfactory color solution for  this image in color or I needed to choose another image. In the end I found a solution that saturated color to make the blue window light from the street contrast with the warm interior light of the opera house. The finished color version of this image was one of several challenges met in composing for Seeing in Sixes.

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