Saturday, December 12, 2015


NOTE: The last of the slide talks is done until after the new year. I’m just beginning to build a schedule of new talks for winter, spring and summer. I invite any suggestions for places I should speak, and I ask readers who would like me to come and speak in their area to recommend my slide talk, Finding Brass Valley, a Place in Time that has Almost Vanished, to your local library, art association, or historical society or to any other group that may be interested.

PHOTOGRAPHER’S JOURNAL: My friend Bob tells me that the filters shown in yesterday’s photo were "cyclones, precleaning units that remove large cinders before the exhaust gases go thru the bag houses  - which are like large vacuum cleaners filled with cloth bags that filter the air   -- the rectangular boxes are the bag houses - the dust is collected in the hoppers at the bottom." 

Somewhere I have photos of the collected bags waiting for disposal from bag houses in the Waterbury tube mill. I enjoy knowing that the name for giant pastry squeezers is “cyclones,” while still appreciating that its all pasta.

[Anaconda American Brass, Ansonia - casting house filters]


Ginnie said...

The places you find to photo-hunt! This is to stare at, Ted. One must feel so "small" and insignificant beside it all.

Emery Roth II said...

And yet it is tiny compared to these in Bethlehem, PA: