Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Standoff on Rabbit Hill

PHOTOGRAPHER’S JOURNAL: The television weather man had us buried in snow, but the satellite maps on the iPad convinced me it would be only six inches. Though the snow plows had the road clear, travel risked fines, so here’s a storm from February 2011, developed today on my computer while it snowed. 

It takes standing in snow to recall when there were no fence posts, and this land was Waramaug’s realm, his tribe’s summer encampment just over the hill. It’s only when my lips burn, fingers are numb, and the deep woods are silent, that I’ve had the sense of walking in steps still warm from Waramaug or just missing his hunting party with a catch of turkeys. I’ve been climbing Rabbit Hill for the view and the exercise for at least fifteen year, and I’ve never seen a rabbit, though there must have been rabbits once.


Ginnie said...

Kinda like waiting for the water to boil, Ted? :) The day you find a rabbit there, I hope you're able to capture it. In the meantime, I sure have been thinking of all of you on the northeast coast. Please stay safe and warm...and take lots of photos, if you can!

Emery Roth II said...

We only had about half a foot in this storm. Most of it went east and south of us. We're still waiting for our Noreaster Bunny.