Friday, August 1, 2014

Wanted (The Dressmaker's Daughters 8)

PHOTOGRAPHER’S JOURNAL: Special thanks to all who sent thoughts for titling yesterday’s daughter. So many things I learned from the titles sent me! I puzzled a long time over, “Segregation,” But I had learned something about my image after I’d thought about ti awhile. Other titles sent were:

"On the Hot Seat"
"Hot Stuff"
"Hotsy Totsy"
"Hot Child in the City"
"Old Fashioned Steam”
"Lady Lashes"
“Ensconced” and

I’ve tentatively titled the new Daughter 8 (above) “Wanted,” because that’s what the sign says, but I’m ready to discover new dimensions of my picture by seeing it through your eyes. Please feel free to send titles. However, unless you can zoom in close, you’re missing much of the fun. I did a horizontal version, but I miss the layers of window glass and the knotting of the shade pull or whatever the cord is for. This is where a tablet that flips sideways has an advantage.


Ginnie said...

It's hard not to notice the Salvage Alley sign across the street, with the "daughter" perhaps looking either wistful or wary of the thought? A hundred witnesses will come up with a hundred different ideas, of course! :)

Emery Roth II said...

"Wistful," good word! Maybe that's the title?

andy said...

I figured out where the opera house is by the "wanted " picture. What is the story behind the "daughters"? Was there a dress shop in the building or there because of the opera house? I met you several years ago at the Waterbury Library - I am looking forward to the brass valley book.

Emery Roth II said...

Hello Andy. This message reached me on email under a different name. Thanks stopping by. I don't know much about the mannequins except that they are stored in the opera house, and I find the forms and the way they catch light to be very interesting. More to come. Gradually I seem to be heading toward more abstract use of them. Feel free to send me an email. Are you a photographer?