Monday, December 2, 2013

Bespindled and Bebobbined



It is a silken circus
bespindled and bebobbined
of Victorian, industrial clatter.
to capture the whole, 3-ring show-
silken filament streaking
bobbins bobbing,
flywheels winging,
and the steam calliope!
and to also eyeball every sprocket,
savor the nattering and shuttling
of the tiniest cog
in the unbroken linkage
between initial cause
intermediate event
and ultimate purpose,
and to show it in a photograph.


Ginnie said...

Out of curiosity, Ted, so much of your images look like the real-deal HDR. Is that how you're processing these images? If so, or whatever, I am a real fan of this "look!"

Emery Roth II said...

I do less and less HDR all the time. If I can get away without HDR I prefer it. HDR can get a kind of hazy, fuzzy look that I try to avoid, but I do like the extra local contrast that HDR allows. NIK, ColorEffects plug-in has some filters that can get that effect without HDR, but the controls are not especially flexible. The most useful of these is TOnal Contrast. However, Topaz Adjust vers.4 is what I turn to most often. It gives all sorts of control over local contrast, and each image requires very different settings. The same filter is in vers.5, but Topaz had designed it such that after you set one slider and want to move to another, the first disappears. As a result, it is impossible to learn to manually control the program unless you have vers. 4. When I upgraded Photoshop I lost access to vers.4 and complained to Topaz. They sent me a copy of var's 4 even though it was a legacy version.