Monday, October 7, 2013

Autumn Candy

PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNAL:  I can't recall an autumn to match this one. It exploded early along the perimeter of wetlands in gold, orange and red and along stone walls where the poison ivy blazed. October 5th has been my marker since we moved to northwestern Connecticut thirty-nine years ago; That was the start of fall display that year. We lived on a hilltop in New Milford and watched it blaze on all sides.

It turned out that year, 1974, was one of the earliest years. This year on October 5th, Saturday, all the hillsides were coloring , and it was hard to drive down most roads without wanting to stop and photograph the riot. I took this on September 30th on my way to Waterbury. I could not proceed without stopping, walking the perimeter of the pond and making pictures. To the charge that I am making eye candy, I plead guilty.

Sunday the rain began and now we have winds, and I expect there will be less of the season left when weekenders return. It's been a good autumn, and some of it will outlast the storm.

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