Sunday, September 22, 2013


PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNAL:  Follow the road north from Winchell Mountain, and you'll come to Ancramdale, the center of an agricultural community where farmers produce everything from milk and cheese to Alpaca yarn to aged meat and whiskey. I've been photographing farms and fields in the area since 2009, but yesterday Ancramdale farmers held a kind of "open house," and Jane and I went from farm to farm to learn about the area. This is Fox Hill Farm where the Lampman family have been farming since the 1880s. There was an established farm here before the Civil War. Today Fox Hill Farm raises and sells grass-fed beef and beef products. I took this photo several years ago, and I keep trying to get back to photograph here in the afternoon as the herd is brought across the street, into these fields for their fresh grass dinner.

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