Friday, August 16, 2013

Hiddenhurst Spotlight

PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNAL:  Today's Photo returns to images I took in 2010 in the valley that lies along the New York side of the Connecticut border.  This time we are below Millerton.  This is the area that has traditionally been called "the Harlem Valley," but to me it seems it is the same valley with the section that runs from Millerton north to Copake; to me it is all the Harlem Valley, the land of Borden and Sealtest.

If this is seen as a single area, Hiddenhurst might well be considered its most iconic monument.  I've photographed it many times and from every direction, and doing a search of the blog for "Hiddenhurst," will turn up many images of it that have been included here.  No need to repeat what I know of its history that is already recorded here.  It must have been spectacular when the fields around these barns were filled with dairy cattle.  It is the place to go when the sky is photogenic or when it is performing magic.

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