Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Old Mill No.3: Parts

PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNAL:   "A Day at the Mill, Pt.3":  After looking down on the arena from both sides of the arcade,  I noticed a narrow doorway at the edge of the arcade, and I investigated following a few steps down into a passage that went on like a long, dark tunnel. Dim, dust-covered windows lined one side of the tunnel and let in a bit of grey glow. 

I knew the windows must overlook the arena I had just looked down on.  I thought that with the help of my flashlight I might scare out a picture even if I couldn't quite see what I was photographing.  I descended into the darrkness, testing the floor with my toe.  I was three stories up, in a dark passage, and I knew nothing of the floor and wondered about rats. Slowly my eyes adjusted.

This image was exposed for 30 seconds at f/18, ISO 800 with a flashlight continually painting light over the scene. 

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