Wednesday, August 8, 2012


JAMES TYBERONN: "The 'double vortex' is two concentric energy rings that act as templates for the both the magnetic and electrical vortexes around Machu Picchu. In this concentric circular template an outer energetic ring of clockwise motion draws energy into the perimeter of Machu Picchu. This magnetic vortex has a diameter of approximately 7-10 kilometers. The inner electrical vortex has a diameter of approximately 2 kilometers. It circulates counter-clockwise and is fed by an outpouring of vertical columns of light from locations within the inner circle. The opposite directions of clockwise magnetic (inward) and counter-clockwise electric (outward) telluric flows are unique."

PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNAL ("Why Here?" part 17):  Why here? Looking for the Incas behind Machu Picchu is nibbling at the precipice beside a cloud forest of science, pseudo-science and prehistory. The more we stare into the empty mist the more fantastic the shifting, shadowy shapes become, but the city is innocent of all that.  Is that the final truth of Machu Picchu?  I rub my eyes from staring too fixedly.

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