Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cuzco Morning, 2012

Thucydides: "The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must."

PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNAL: He called himself, "Pachacuti," earthshaker.  He was the ninth Inca of the Kingdom of Cuzco, and the founder of an empire. He called his new empire, "Tawantunsuyo,"  the four parts united., and he divided Tawantunsuyo into four regions, Chinchaysuyo, Collasuyo, Cuntisuyo and Antisuyo and where the four regions met was his capital, Cuzco. He laid out highways to the expanding corners of his growing nation and established a system of administration. They tell us he sought control not plunder - a productive nation profits all. To those who submitted he brought peace and trade. Those who resisted he destroyed.  He enforced the peace and levied taxes in labor. He and his son, Topac Inca, and his grandson Huayna Capac enlarged Tawantunsuyu until it spread from the great ocean in the west up over the Andes 20,000 foot peaks and down into the Amazon jungle in the east, and it stretched from the middle of present day Chile in the south into Columbia in the north; it was the nation that Pizarro would name, "Inca," and Cuzco was its center.

Some historians think the place we call, "Machu Picchu," was built for Pachacuti.

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