Sunday, November 27, 2011



1.  Photographer and friend Martin Kimmeldorf has combined my photograph, "Paper Trail" ( with a photo of his own.  The combined image can be seen on his site here:

2.  My son, Emery, has been making some beautiful jewelry from some very surprising materials and has a web page showing some of his work and offering it for sale.  You can learn about it at:

3. Only 1 DAY LEFT to take 25% from orders of Blurb books at the Blurb Bookstore. Use promo code ZOOM to claim your savings. Prison - The Shape of Freedom is available in in two sizes. Small is 7"X7". Purchasing it with a hard cover gives it a bit of heft. The large is 12'X12" and comes in regular and deluxe versions. There is also an ebook version so inexpensive it's almost like stealing..


Tim said...

As with most of your photos, this one communicates a great sense of history.

Ted Roth said...

I've always been partial to time travel. Thank you.

Trotter said...


Ted Roth said...

thank you.