Thursday, September 8, 2011




at the top of the
Hendey Tower
in the updraft
where rocks
chipped the mansard and
smashed the window,
the green hanging folders,
analog bequest
of Hendey,
flop across the floor.

NOTE: The Hendey Company, a major manufacturer of precision, industrial lathes and other metalworking machinery was established in Torrington, Connecticut, near the top of the Naugatuck Valley in 1874.  The distinctive Victorian tower of the old factory offices was the  gateway to the main campus. Here is a short history of the company with a photo showing the campus in 1896. Much of the campus survives but has been empty many years. 


Deborah Mends said...

I can't help but feel sad as I imagine the bird when he realized he was trapped. This is like a desert...

Tim said...

This photo makes me feel sad.

Ted Roth said...

I believe the bird was not trapped but stayed here of his own volition. I often find dead birds in abandoned factories. They make their nests there and when they get old it is the safest place to die. Consider him not so much a bird as a flightless archetype. Let him make you more sober and thoughtful than sad. Thanks for visiting.

Deborah Mends said...

Thanks for your explanation Ted - it helped! The image has stayed with me and troubled me all day...