Friday, July 1, 2011

Guards' Window

PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNAL: I've been to The Pen. This is the place that originated the word, "penitentiary." I'm happy to say my trip was recreational. It makes a cosmos of difference. You can read about Eastern State Penitentiary here.


Trotter said...

Hi ! Sorry for the absence; another busy fortnight... No holidays... ;)

Fabulous! A masterpiece!!

Blogtrotter Two is touring Cap Corse... Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!!

Tim said...

I like that photo! It's perspective is truly artistic!

Ted Roth said...

Trotter - No holidays? I can't believe that.

Tim - Much photoshop twisting to get it into the frame properly. Thanks for the comment.

Bob Lejeune said...

My favorite of the first nine in this very interesting set.


Ted Roth said...

Very interesting, Bob. It's not my favorite of the group, but it's good to know it is someone's favorite.