Thursday, April 14, 2011

Patent Pending, Unadilla Silo Co.


"Silage: Process in Process"

WHEN: April 29 to May 15 (Fri thru Sun, 11-6)
OPENING RECEPTION: April 30 from 1 to 4 PM

Also exhibiting will be painter, Karen Pepper, with an exhibition entitled, "The Lei Collection"

PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNAL: Perhaps "silage" is a rather unpromising name for an exhibition. Silage is stalks and greens which a farmer ferments in airtight conditions to preserve its nutritional value. Silage provides the necessary, high-energy, diet that will allow his cows to continue giving milk through the winter. It is not especially photogenic, but it reflects a fundamental concept that informs most of my photography and writing: Everything is always in process. Existence is incessant transformation. This is not meant to be especially profound, only that it's there every time I click the shutter, and it will provide an organizing point for the pictures exhibited at the White Silo Farm & Winery, at least one of which will be of a silo.


Ginnie said...

Congratulations, Ted! I'm so proud of you. :)

Tim said...

I love the different color shades and tones in this photo.

Ted Roth said...

Ginnie - Too bad you won't be at the opening.

Tim - Old wood and old metal are wonderful things. Thanks for visiting.

Trotter said...

Wish I could be there... :-(

Ted Roth said...

Trotter - we'll find you a beach on Candlewood Lake.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Unadilla NY and worked at the Unadilla Silo when I was a teenager--worked there from 1964 to 1967---seeing this picture brings back good memories--very possible I loaded the wood and other material for this Silo.

Very few left of these.

Thanks for the picture

Ted Roth said...

Richard, thanks for sharing your link to Unadilla Silo Co. There are a number of photographs of this silo on my blog. A search for "Skarf" will turn up one of them. There's a shot from several years aog showing the rotting roof. It hasn't gotten any less rotten.

When I found the patent number stamped on the silo, I searched the web and found the company still going strong and still in Unadilla. An email note got me a copy of the bill of sale for this cluster of silos. They were purchased in 1952.