Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Housatonic Winter Tint

PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNAL (Written while walking early yesterday in the cold beside Lake Waramaug. The picture was made at a different time and place.)


The first stirred branches, 
lifting a mist of crystal snow 
that sailed due east, 
a spectral galleon over the water.

Another careened 
among the white pines, 
unsure which way to turn and 
trailing a whirling, white mantilla. 

Where do they come from?
Where do they go?
Who is the conjurer?

A third bore down
along the shore
and a sandstorm of snow
skated on ice

through a stillness made immense
by an endless sky of slate 
and the banter of treetop crows 
on a far-off, faded shore.


Jane said...

so tired of winter

rather desolate pic of the Housatonic River


Ted Roth said...

I'd rather stop at solitude, but it has been a long winter.

Trotter said...

Hi Ted! I definitely think I wouldn't be able to live near such a vision...

Blogtrotter Two is strolling in Southern France amidst the best of the perfumes... Enjoy and have a great week!!

Trotter said...

Now, I notice: nothing since Tuesday... Everything OK?

Ted Roth said...

Hi Trotter. All is well, but I'm preoccupied with another project. I'm sorry this place doesn't suit your constitution. It's a lovely, quiet spot. Behind me is an ornate, old, wooden, country church, and once or twice a day you can hear what's left of the Housatonic Railroad go by. The Appalachian Trail runs along the edge of the river on the right and follows it for five or more miles.

Phil said...

What a stunningly beautiful and desolate photograph. I love it.

Ted Roth said...

Thank you, Phil. Stop by again.

Tim said...

Beautiful pic! Great angle. Though I am ready for spring. :)

Ted Roth said...

The secret of the angle is that I was standing on a bridge above the river. As to spring, I don't mind more winter so long as it's photogenic winter and the temps don't go too much below 30. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. I'm off to see what you've been up to, Tim.

Trotter said...

Hi Ted! Maybe I should try the Apallachian Trail in summer... ;)

Nice is nice, don’t you agree? Check it at Blogtrotter Two... Enjoy and have a great week!!

Ted Roth said...

Definitely, Trotter. Especially try it in this section which is easy hiking and very beautiful. You'll meet plenty of "through-hikers" that hike the whole trail. They always have stories to tell.