Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Photographer at Dusk

Out on the wharf the sun was almost gone,
The lobster boats were flat, no window fire,
The wordless earth was turning into stone,
And farther out one anchored sailboat waited
To catch the wind wrinkling another day.
Moods flicker and pass,
I reached to catch it
Even as it washed out to sea.


Jane said...

Lovely evening

Romantic sunset cruise

White wine, cheese, fruit

Quiet moments

Yes, I'll return anytime

Ted Roth said...

It was a lovely cruise, wasn't it. This is not the boat. Did ours have just a single mast? I can't recall. I'll have to check the photos.

Trotter said...

Great for a lovely Christmas!! Hope everything is definitely fine with you!!

Ted said...

Everything is going well. I'm up to walking 4 miles day, breath is back to normal, the doctor has given me permission to drive again.