Friday, August 13, 2010

Garden of Earthly Delights No. 1



Life percolates in places once dead.
What sets it all in motion?
What finger gives the nudge -
Makes the buzz in the wasp's tunnels of mud,
Sets the spider to her spinning,
Makes the larva crack its chrysalid shell
And stretch moist limbs in a new-made world?

Was it a breath of spring
Pollinating, blossoming, soaring eternally?
Or was this genial hotness
A March mistake,
In a moment of space
between the casement and the storm pane?


My new book, Farm: Personal Wanderings among the Berkshire, Hudson, and Taconic Hills is now available at the Blurb Bookstore, and you can thumb though some of the pages at either of these links: Farm: PersonalWanderings 13 x 11 or Farm: Personal Wanderings 11 x 8. There are buttons for viewing full screen and for purchasing.

Farm II, an exhibition of my photographs at the Sharon Historical Society, in Sharon, CT, continues through September 17th.

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Trotter said...

Where is Gregor Samsa?