Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stranded among Purlins

PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNAL: Two sleighs were uncovered when this old, barn complex was undergoing repair. It was cleared for inspection and remediation, and light reflects from the barnyard and opens a space where clutter had previously made photography impossible. For the first time I can see the delicate construction. The hewn timbers and careful mortising seem too fragile to survive but have endured seasons of neglect. Was the roofing also efficient and light? Getting it all up there seems trickier than standing up a city of cards.


Jane said...

SHHHHH don't tell

S.C. has abandoned the Hamptons and taken up residency in Washington, CT.

Elves have their green cards and are working in a local toy factory.

Ted Roth said...

I knew they were fixing the barn for something.

Trotter said...

Easier to find it now... ;)

Ted Roth said...

Yes, if we only had a horse or even a reindeer.