Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Idea of Farmhouse: Roots

PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNAL: This photograph doesn't look like a watercolor painting or a pencil sketch, but it doesn't quite look like a photograph either. The elements of the image that impressed me when I shot it are much the same as those that move the image now: the tree, the vines, the extremely tight cropping. In its original, unprocessed state I also found something surreal. Do these facts make it more of a photograph than if I had invented those qualities entirely in the computer? Is it less of a photograph now that I've used photoshop to cast a bit of unearthly light?

Wendy Costa sends along a link to this David Pogue article in the NYTimes:

Personal Tech: Photoshop and Photography: When Is It Real?

Pogue's list of "things that may not be photography," challenge thinking and were, for me, alone worth the read.


Jane said...

This is a great photo. The light that enhances the varied colors of the bark of the tree is magical. As to the vines, I am altogether too practical. Vines on wooden clapboards just make me scream. Although these seem to be well tended, I can say with experience that climbing hydrangea pulls the paint from the wood, and can dislodge the mortar from a stone chimney!

Trotter said...

Hi Ted! March has arrived and maybe this awful winter will be gone...

Photoshop or not, this is awesome!! Another great cover for the next book!!!

Meanwhile, Blogtrotter 2 is still in Haiti, now at Malfini Beach. Hope you enjoy and have a great week!!

Ted Roth said...

Jane - Actually, though I referred to vines, these are shrubs in front of the house, but I share your willies. I'm glad you liked the image.

Trotter - Thanks for the comment. Yes, the thought of it as a cover had occurred to me, and the book might be partly written except most of it appears in the first book.

Dick said...

Very nice picture, it looks so peaceful.

Ted Roth said...

"Peaceful"! Interesting and a bit of a surprise to me, but very helpful. Thanks for visiting.