Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sleigh Bell Harmonies

GUEST JOURNAL by Jane Roth: When I look at snow covered, 19th century homes and barns, I am reminded of Paul Gage (1850 - 1934) who was a successful harness maker in Washington Depot, CT. Along with designing and making straps and fittings for draft and pleasure animals, he also produced bells for winter sleighs. People knew which neighbor was arriving by the harmonic tones Mr. Gage designed. Join me in imagining Mr. Gage's symphonies.

PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNAL: I took this photo last winter in the early morning of March 9th. When Jane saw it she wrote the journal entry above. Unfortunately, nobody else we knew was enjoying winter on March 9th, and it seemed downright unfriendly to post this then.

We've just come through a week of bitterly cold, windy dry air and a three day, above-freezing reprieve. As good as it felt to stand and photograph with the sun on my back, the same sun melted the wind-blown snow into a scrappy, gray mess. As I write I hear the chatter of white crystals blowing agains the windows. There's a nor'easter due, and I'm hoping that tomorrow morning I will be standing in a field somewhere enjoying sleigh bell weather again.


Trotter said...

Hi Ted! Winter in snow countries creates great chances for wonderful shots!!

Thanks for your comment at my new blog Blogtrotter Two, now at the Art Deco District in South Beach! Hope to read you there often! Have a great week ahead!!!

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

A bit foggy, but a nice photo, especially for an Indian like me :)

Lazy Bird

Ted Roth said...

Trotter - Eager to see those Art Deco shots. I'm waiting for more snow. They hrdly make it the way they used to.

Bhavesh - Thanks for the visit. No snow where you live? Same here lately.

Dick said...

It looks like a postcard. It's beautiful.

Ted Roth said...

This is post-card New England. The trick is finding the right hill for the weather. Thanks for stopping by.