Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Skarf Mountain Whirled

PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNAL: With the snows of Sunday's photograph barely done whirling, this image looks back a half year to the same barns last May. Some might take pleasure in knowing that there's less time to the return of this world than backward to it. I say, why rush? I want to taste each season as it comes, and I haven't yet had my fill of winter's delights.

This was the shot I was looking to imitate when I headed into the blizzard. Of course when I got there I realized that changing conditions called for something quite different. The odd surprise was that, without the clouds to point the way, I couldn't even find the spot from which my wide lens had set this tree in motion.


Jane said...

This must be viewed LARGE. The house peeking out from behind the barns adds a moment of "then and now" : the old and abandoned barns, and the farmhouse which seems well painted. The contrast between the old boards and the hint of the new is interesting. Also, the white adds a level of depth that enhances the scene. Of course the clouds add the element of drama to the whole landscape. A very nice pairing.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful view.

Ted Roth said...

Jane, the house is, in fact, unoccupied and has been so for many years, but I appreciate your "alternate" view on this. Yes, to me the farm house is a needed conclusion to the line of barns, but I do kind of wish I'd taken a step or two to the left to make it a bit more prominent.

Rajesh, thanks for visiting and leaving a note. It's always good to know when an image has been welcomed and appreciated.

Trotter said...

A bit of sunshine is always needed!