Sunday, January 10, 2010

Along the AT, No.3


Many find this section of the AT monotonous.
Progress is measured by how many fields have been crossed.
The boundaries are centuries old.
Rock walls hauled from the black earth transfix the acres.
Ancient trees seize the margins and lift a lattice of Gothic tracery.
Beyond there are always more hills.
Many find this section of the AT monotonous.


Ponch said...

your journal was very witty.
I enjoyed it very much.
I think that part of the AT really is Monotonous.
your journal was very witty.

Ted Roth said...

The proper thing for me to do at this point would be to break into iambic pentameter in thanks. I'll resist the call to music and simply thank you for your visit and for making me giggle.

Trotter said...

Monotonous? ;))

Ted Roth said...

Not to me, but it is not a section of trail filled with challenge. Below here the trail climbs over the St. John Ledges where one must do a bit of careful climbing. Above here one follows a significant ridge with spots for broad mountain top panoramas.