Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Blacksmith's Shop

HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW: "The smith, a mighty man is he, with large and sinewy hands."

PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNAL: ...and here is the blacksmith's shop. It was the hub of the farm, at the meeting point of the two major axes of work. Three walls have windows to catch the breeze when its hot and so on a cold day approaching winter solstice, as here, sun shines in all day long. The farm house is just beyond the window shown above; the barns are behind.

Unused shops are a magnet for clutter, but much of the clutter here is what was left when the forge ceased working at least a half century ago.

Click on the image and you can step in and have a real look around.


Ginnie said...

A photographer's paradise, Ted!

Ted Roth said...

It is - truly a time capsule. Thanks for stopping by/

Ponch said...

Great photo with a great verse. This is Dave Cherniske by the way. I told Melissa that I would like to tag along sometime on one of your farm shoots.

Ted Roth said...

Hi Dave. Anytime you like I'll take you up to Twin Elm. You should bring a camera. I'm sure you'll notice things that I completely miss. I warn you, if its a good photo day I can move very slowly.