Thursday, November 13, 2008

Undulations 1

APHORISM III: "Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates."

PHOTOGRAPHER'S DIARY: Back in Connecticut, no sooner was the parade history than rain came and took down all the leaves but the oaks'. Once the rain ended, the first days of shooting were wrapped in forlorn gray sky. It took me back to Hilltop Pond where even the birds had become silent. While I might have wanted to catch more of the earlier blaze, there are many moods found here.

Even though I had another week's worth of parade photos that I thought worth adding to TODAY'S, I've decided it's time to move on. Anyone wishing to see all of the selected parade shots can do so at the official parade site. The parade site also sells all of the shots posted there. 100% of profit goes to support the parade.


GMG said...

Hi Ted! Sorry for the long delay in coming here, but the last two weeks were too hectic!
Loved the undulations. Great shot!!
Bones, spirits, Elvis, Masks, Points of View... What an awesome result!!
Great that I managed to get to your blog!
Meanwhile Blogtrotter is back to Greece in November 2007! Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

marjorie said...

Undulations -
I like this one, the ripples and stillness and how it makes the image appear on the bottom. The top and bottom images are nicely balanced and yet you have a sense of more in another part of the frame.

Ted Roth said...

Hi GMG. I look forward to "returning" to Greece. One day I will get there in body. Thanks for your visit and your encouragement.

Marjorie, your comment makes me realize special ways cropping seems important to this image, not only top and bottom. The ripples cut on the left hand edge are essential to this image. It is the force of that movement to the left off the "canvas" that balances the longer branches on the right. This gives the image a necessary tension. Thanks for looking hard and helping me to see that.