Friday, January 11, 2008

Light Shift

MARTIN PURYEAR: "I value the referential quality of art, the fact that a work can allude to things or states of being without in any way representing them."

Before you toss this photograph aside thinking I accidentally sent the same image twice, please look again. If you come back thinking the differences are insignificant, that's fine. Redundancy properly resides in the eye of the beholder.

After taking yesterday's shot I turned and shot a totally different subject. The light was so spectacular one could almost shoot anything. Perhaps I have. In any case, I was also still thinking about the fence and wanted to take a shot that framed out everything above the pickets. Four minutes later the sun was four minutes further west, and I turned and composed and took this shot. To my eye those four minutes put a whole new light on things.


Julie said...

Ted - re Working the Light -

I picked up on the book through a Times Online article:-

Joe Cornish has been doing stunning landscape photography for The National Trust for years. I am just about to order it, so can't advise on workshops (outside Britain?)but hopes this gives you a little more background if you are interested.

Julie said...


...the end of the address after entertainment!