Wednesday, September 12, 2007

In Fog at Sunrise

In fact, the Beatific Barn has had my attention since I first wrote about it "grabbing me," under the heading, "Etude in Diagonals." It is there suddenly when rounding a corner shortly before reaching Wassaic with wonderful fences that lead the eye, an old silo and an assortment of buildings that create a farmscape rich in spaces, shapes ,and shooting angles.

I had been watching the property on each trip to Wassaic in hope of finding a living person who might grant me permission to shoot. On my visit the previous evening I drove up the driveway and concluded all was vacant. But the visual treats and surprises discovered on that evening convinced me to get up at 5:40 the next morning, and my effort was rewarded with a fog so thick I could taste it, This is the way I had wanted to shoot the Beatific Barn from the start.


Dick said...

I like the fog and the birds waiting for sunrise.

Emery Roth II said...

Thanks for the comment. It is truly a gift when the birds cooperate in this manner. I'm especially thankful for the one turning at the gable point.