Monday, July 23, 2007

Tesnus at Yhgnid

I hope there was a moment when this came on the screen where you said, "What the hell is that?" That's why I wrote the title backward.

I spent several hours debating with myself between this version of the image or another. Everything depends on how far left or right one places the dinghy, and the two images were the best of very different approaches. I chose this, but I'm not at all sure I'm right. Everything depends on where one places the dinghy.

Probably it doesn't matter at all. In any case, whatever I decide tomorrow, I made a decision today and I may never bother to look back.

Dinghy at Sunset


Ginnie said...

I got the pic immediately, Ted, but am so glad you explained the title! :) Very clever!

I think this pic stands as is...or even if the dinghy with reflections moved to the left a bit, that, too, would work. But I tend to "accept" and appreciate the version the artist sets forth, not attempting to think/say what I would do.

Again, the reflections are marvelous!

Emery Roth II said...

The dinghy and boat behind it seem to me to suggest stillness, but the reflection of the rest of the boat suggestsm otion. That paradox was emphasized more in the version not posted.

In any event, thanks for your thoughts.

Dick said...

It is like a painting, very beautiful